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Earth Science c/o turtles and crayfish

1.  while turtles feed towards the top of the pond and crayfish feed toward the bottom is a example of
a.  stratification
b.   symbiosis
c.  carrying capaicty
d.  home range
I think it is b
2.  crayfish will agressively defend their home.  in defending the area around their burrow or cave, crayfish are defending their
a.  habitat
b.  niche
c.  home range
d.  territory
I think it is b

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Symbiosis is the phenomenon where two unrelated species depend on each other for their survival and existence; here turtles and crayfish are using the same pond but they do not rely on each other for their existence. Therefore, it is not symbiosis. It is more a stratification since one species (crayfish) uses one layer of pond while the other (turtle) uses the complete opposite layer of the pond for foraging.
Yes, crayfish is defending its niche in the habitat as well as ecosystem.
Hope this helps.