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determine whether F(x)=2x-6 is a one to one function

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To test the one to one property of a function.
  can graph the function and draw a horizontal and a vertical lines.
  If the vertical and Horizontal lines intersect the graph in one and only one point, then the function is one to one.
   F( X ) = 2X - 6
     Y = 2X -6 
    Let's find F( a), value of f( x ) for X=a
     F( a ) = 2a -6 
   Now : lets find X for F(x) = F( a)
    F(a) +6 = 2X
    X = ( F(a)+ 6 / 2
     We see that for any value of X there is one and only one value of F(x), and for any value of F(x) there is only one value of X.
  Therefor Function is one-to- one.