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How many outcomes (Combinations) are there if you roll a die (Number of Cubes) and choose a lollipop flavor (Cherry C, Grape G, Lemon L)?

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1 Answer

When drawing a tree diagram with two factors, I usually start with the larger number of "branches". In this case, the question is asking how many possibilities are there for the die and lollipop together.
A dice has 6 sides, or branches, while there are three lollipop flavors, or three branches. From one connecting point draw six lines. and from the opposite ends, connect three more lines to each of the six. This drawing displays the number of possible outcomes for the first part.
The second section is much the same. A coin has two possible outcomes, so two branches. The second coin todd also has two possible outcomes, so drawing another two branches connecting at the other end of the first two portrays that second toss. 
If this is confusing, look up the term "probablility tree" in either your math text or on an internet search engine.