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I need help with this equation

Given the equation -5 (x - 2)' -1= ,
a. Identify the vertex.
b. Identify the axis of the symmetry.
c. Identify the direction of the graph (whether it opens up or down).


The equation that is given is the equation o0f a straight line. Please make this clear.
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1 Answer

I assume the equation is -5(x-2)2 - 1 = y
Let's add one to both sides:
-5(x-2)2 = y + 1
This is the equation of a parabola in "vertex" form:
a(x-h)2 = (y-k)
a)  The Vertex is located at the point (h,k)
b)  The line of symmetry is y = h
c)  The parabola opens upward if a>0, down if a<0