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Earth Science c/o food web

                                                            snake                                 bear
                                                                                            mouse               ant
                                                                                                            plants and seeds
plants and seeds goes to mouse, bear and ant
mouse goes to bear eagle and snake
fish goes to snake eagle and bear
snake goes to eagle
zooplankton goes to fish
phytoplankton goes to zoonplankton and fish
1.  which organisms are omnivores?                                                              
         a.  snake, bear and fish
         b.  fish and eagle
         c.  bear and fish
         d.  snake and mouse
2.  mouse and ant are considered to be
       a.  producers
       b.  primary consumers
       c.  secondary consumers
       d.  tertiary consumers
3.  an eagle is considered to be what if it is at the top of the food web
        a.  producer
        b.  primary consumer
        c.  secondary consumer
        d.  tertiary consumer
4.  removal of which of the following organisms would result in the complete collapse of this food web?
      a.  fish and snake
      b.  bear and eagle
      c.  snake and ant
      d.  phytoplankton and plants and seeds
5.  if you were plancing the organisms of this food web onto the different levels of a pyramid of numbers, which of
     the following would you place at the very top of the pyramid
     a.  snake
     b.  eagle
     c.  mouse
     d.  zooplankton
6.  the reason you chose for question #5
    a.  many other organisms feed on it reducing its poplution size
    b.  there is not enough energy available to support large populations of species that occur at the top of the
          energy pyramid
    c.  it feeds on producers and populations of producers are usually small
    d.  it is a scavenger and fees on carrion
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