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9C / 2D IF C = 4 AND D = 9

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1 Answer

I'm a 6th grade teacher in NY State and I just taught this so it's fresh in my mind.  Ok - what you want to do is "plug in," or substitute the values given for C and D into the equation.  Be careful doing this because what you have is the number 9 right next to the variable C and the number 2 right next to the variable D.  When numbers are right next to variables or to parenthesis that means the question wants you to multiply So when you substitute 4 for the variable C, keep in mind you will be multiplying 9 by 4 - which is? 
Ok, plug in 9 for D what do you get? 
Now we have 36 ÷ 18 and that's pretty easy so I'll let you find the answer.  Hope this helped!