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The value of specific heat for copper is 390 J/kg⋅C°, for aluminum is 900 J/kg⋅C°, and for water is 4186 J/kg⋅C°.
(a) What will be the equilibrium temperature in degrees Celsius when a 265g block of copper at 235°C is placed in a 145g aluminum calorimeter cup containing 875g of water at 12.0°C ? 

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      Let Te be the equilibrium temperature of all three bodies
So the energy given up by the hot copper block (.265*390*(235-Te)) has to be equal to the energy gained by the cup and the water which is (.145*900*(Te-12) +.875*4186*(Te-12)) if energy is to be conserved.
Doing all the arithmetic I get 103.35*(235-Te)=3793.25*(Te-12) from this if you solve for Te I got Te=17.91 deg C.
You can see from the equation above that the water absorbs most of the heat.