Dan M.

asked • 04/19/14

calculating time and half algebra question

pretty basic, but my mind is spinning from all the algebra I am reviewing. Here is the question: 
Person is paid time and a half for every hours they work past 36 hours in a week. Last week the person worked 42 hours and made $472.50. What is their normal rate of pay?
Ok, how do I set this up? 

Dan M.

I know the answer is $10.50. I am just trying to figure out how to get there.


1 Expert Answer


Dan M.

yeah i think I came to the same answer...
H= hourly rate
36H + 9 (1.5 times 6 hours of OT) equals 472.50
45H = 472.50 which equals 10.50


Gilbert M.

36x+1.5x×6=472.5 45x=472.5 X=$10.50


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