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I,m taking a college algebra course in college and I don't know how to solve by factoring.

This is the problem 12x2 + 14x=0
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2 Answers

Look for a common factor.
12x2+14x=0 has a common factor or 2x
Or you can solve for x
12x2+14x = 0  can be rearranged to:
divide both sides by 2x reduces to:
6x = -7
divide both sides by 6 gives:
x = -7/6 or -1.166......
Hope this is what your looking for.
12x2 + 14x=0
First, factor what both terms have in common.  (this should ALWAYS be your first step - if possible)
We can factor out a 2x
Set both terms = 0
2x = 0     AND   6x+7=0
x=0                   x=-7/6