Hope J.

asked • 05/28/17

Point slope form

Use point slope form to write the equation of a line that has a slope of 2/3 and passes through (-3,-1). Write your final equation in slope intercept form

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Ryan R. answered • 05/28/17

University Bound High School Graduate

Hope J.

Could you expain a little more? Im still kinda stuck


Ryan R.

So where see "m" you plugin 2/3 for your slope. Where you see your x (which is -3) you plugin the -3, and same for y (which is -1). You plugin these numbers to your point slope equation.
Right after you filled out your equation you will now distribute your m into the (x - x sub 1) part. So it should look like this y+1=2/3x - 2
You then will subtract over the one and get your slope intercept form equation of y = 2/3x - 3
Where the 2/3 = your slop
and your -3 = the y-intercept
Hope I could help!


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