G P.

asked • 05/17/17

Help with Work

Is it "wrong" to not make myself available 24/7 at work. I put in for my new summer schedule which would've been every day in the morning for availability. Which is more far more time I would've been able to work than while I was in school. However, my manager had a problem with this and he asked me why I couldn't work afternoons. I told him morning shifts would work better in my favor and he asked if I had summer school, I said that I didn't, and his response was, "Well if you're not doing anything important all summer then why can't you be available all the time?" I had no idea how to respond. I don't believe my manager respects the younger generation like myself, I'm only twenty, as he seems to treat us all like we're idiots. Since he's transferred to our store numerous people have quit because of his attitude and choices, but he's our boss and I don't intend to quit just yet because he's a bit of an arse. Aside from all of this, I wanted to ask for help in responding to this situation. How can I help him understand that I have a life and other obligations outside of my part-time job? I don't intend to stay at this part-time job forever, but that doesn't mean I slack off. I work hard when I'm in and I come in if needed, but I would like to enjoy my life while I'm still able to before I jump into a full-time job after college. I know I'm a good employee, and I've been there for three years now. I am always on-call for when they need me, and we are currently hiring new employees who will be doing the exact same thing as me. Personally I do not see the problem with changing my schedule, and when got mad at me for not being available I even offered to change it to whenever they needed it, but he was still mad that I couldn't just always be open for every hour of the day. Sorry, but I do not want to waste my summer working eight hours every day seven days a we 

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Kenneth S. answered • 05/17/17

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G P.

Thank you for having a respectful answer to my question. I've been all over looking for any opinions and help and most people have simply been calling me an idiot for not wanting to work every minute of my life. 


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