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92 is all the following except

A. A contant 

B. A term

C. An Expression 

D. A variable 

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A variable is something that may vary - something that may stand for different things in time.

Take, for example, Jamie. Jamie may be a mother, a wife, and also an employee. Depending on the situation presented, she has to take on different roles. Think of Jamie as a variable.

Let's apply the same concept to math now. Assume that "x" is a variable. In one question, x may equal 42, and in another x may equal -0.97. x is still x, but it has different values in different situations.

Compare that to 92. Is it a term? Yep. Is it an expression? A term is an expression or equation containing no variables, so yes, it is an expression as well. Is it a variable? Nope. If someone was going to pay you 92 dollars, and if they pay you 50, 50 is not the same as 92. The value of 92 isn't variable. 92 is always 92, so 92 is everything except the variable.