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Why is it important to learn statistics in the study of Psychology?

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2 Answers

In all the sciences, it is necessary to gather & compare data, isolate & control variables, interpret results, and prove or disprove hypotheses. In the case of sociology & psychology - as Courtney mentioned - one will often show correlation between test variables. Statistics is the study of mathematical comparison of scientific variables, so you will learn about types of variables, types of data, types of comparisons, methods of interpretation, and a wonderful tool called the normal curve. All these & more make it possible for psychologists to discover what we can & cannot expect in terms of human behavior, development, etc. Without statistics, it is just a bunch of messy guess work, and, as a psychology student, you must learn how psychologists & sociologists use statistics in their studies & reports. good luck!
  You need to be able to interpret results in scientific studies.  You'll have to know what they're talking about in the results sections.  You might even have to do some statistics on your own in your own studies for psychology classes, although they will hopefully only be simple correlation studies.