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Find the requested value.

f(-5) for f(x) = {7x     if x ≤ -1
                      {x-9    if x > -1

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Hi Jay,
we have to find the value for f(-5)
The equation f(x)=7x gives the value of f(x) when x is less than or equal to -1.
The equation f(x)=x-9 gives the value of f(x) when x is greater than -1.
since -5 is less than -1
so we will take the equation f(x)=7x to find the value for f(-5)
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In this example we will be substituting the value (-5) for x in the expression given.
The critical question is:
is -5 more or less than -1?
If it is less, then you use the first expression:  f(x) = 7x.
If it is more, then you use the second expression:  f(x) = x-9.
The actual numerical evaluation will proceed exactly as you would expect after that point.