Daniela C.

asked • 01/24/17

How can I determine any table for x and y to be a direct variation of inverse variation? example:

|x=1  2  3  4 |
|y=2  4  6  8 |

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Kenneth S. answered • 01/24/17

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Kenneth S.

Daniela, I see that you posted this again, 1 hour later, asking how  to find the constant.
Actually this is answered by my earlier answer: Suppose we plug in x=1, y = 2 into y = kx; then solve for k;it's TWO.
Choosing any other (x,y) ordered pair from your original table, and solving for k, again finds k = 2. THEREFORE you have DIRECT Variation.
So I am saying try to read and understand verbal (written) answers in depth--that's true learning (based on understanding).


Andrew M. answered • 01/24/17

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