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I need help with finding the answer to a circle problem

Find the distance between Memphis (35 degrees 9 minutes north latitude) and New Orleans (29 degrees 57 minutes north latitude). Assume that the radius of the Earth is 3960 miles. This is for Pre-calculus with speeding conversions. This is also with circles, degrees and radians, and revelations 

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Mark M. | Mathematics Teacher - NCLB Highly QualifiedMathematics Teacher - NCLB Highly Qualif...
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Circumference of the earth is 7200π
The distance between the two is 5° 12" out of 360°
That fraction is 5.2/360 or 0.0144....
What is 0.0144 of 7200π?
Dalia C. | Highly Qualified Mathematics and Physics for grades 7-12 in CT.Highly Qualified Mathematics and Physics...
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distance=3960 miles*tan(35o9'-29o57')
=3960 miles*tan(5.2o)
=360.4 miles