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I need the answer to this problem and I need the steps aswell. Please help!

What is the specific heat of lead if it takes 96J to raise the temperature of a 75g block by 10 Celsius 

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Mohammed R. | Specialist in GED and College Prep MathSpecialist in GED and College Prep Math
The amount of heat evolved during the reaction or process is equal to the product of specific heat, mass of mixture and temperature change during reaction. So, it can be written as follows:
Heat evolved (q) = specific heat (C) x Mass of mixture (m) x Temperature change (ΔT)
Mass of lead is 75.0 g.
The temperature change is 10° C
Heat evolved in the process is 96 J
The formula q=C x m x ΔT also is written as follows:
C= q/(m x ΔT)
Substitute all required values in the equation:
C= 96 J/(75 g x 10° C)
  = 0.128 J/g* °C
Therefore, the specific heat of lead is 0.128 J/g* °C