Iqram H.

asked • 12/29/16

n∑k=1,(2k^2-4k+3)=n/3(2n^2-3n+4),prove by mathematical induction.

I stucked with this after step one where u prove by substituting 1 into the unknowns.Do kindly assist.

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Stephen M. answered • 12/29/16

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Mark M.

Interesting that you assume true for "n" then prove for "n - 1" rather than "n + 1."
If that is the case then coupling with the proof of n = 1, it proves it true for n = 0 and nothing else.


Stephen M.

No, you have it backwards.  I assumed for n-1 and proved for n, which is equivalent to assuming for n and proving for n+1.  That approach makes for simpler algebra in this case.


Mark M.

Stephen, thank you for pointing our my error.


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