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If a regular pentagon has side lengths of 8 inches, what is the perimeter?

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3 Answers

A regular pentagon has five sides of equal length and all five of the interior angles are equal. 
The perimeter of a geometric figure is the linear distance around its interior. Since this pentagon
has 5 sides each of length 8 inches, simply multiply 5 times 8 and the answer is 40 inches - Choice C.
The study of geometry has a great deal of vocabulary to learn and this is critical to your SUCCESS.
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The pentagon has 5 equal sides. Perimeter is the distance around the edges so the perimeter is 8x5 = 40 inches.
A rectangle has 4 unequal sides. If the sides are L and W the the perimeter = 2L + 2W.
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To answer this question you need to know the following:
(a) What is the definition of the "perimeter" of a polygon?
(b) How many sides does a pentagon have?
(a) The perimeter of a polygon is the sum of the lengths of all the sides of the polygon. It is the same as the distance covered starting and ending from the same point of that polygon.
(b) Think of the Pentagon in Washingon, DC. How many sides on that building? Five.
So if each side length is 8 inches, then going from one corner of the pentagon, once around and ending up at the same spot, you get 8 * 5 = 40 inches.