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how to solve each system by elimination 16x-10y=10 and -8x-6y=6

i dont know how to do this
please explain
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3 Answers

Hi again Angelica;
16x-10y=10 and -8x-6y=6
The coefficients of x are 16 and -8. To apply elimination, these should be the same.  Positives and negatives are non-issues.
Let's take the first equation...
Let's multiply both sides by 1/2...
Let's add this to the second equation...
The x is eliminated...
Let's divide both sides by -11...
Let's plug this into either original equation to establish the value of x.  I randomly select the second...
Subtracting a negative number is identical to adding a positive number...
Let's subtract 6 from both sides...
Let's plug both values into the first equation to verify results...
Solving by elimination with two linear equations can be most easily described as adding the two together. The goal is to eliminate either the x or y variable, then solve for the remaining variable. Since neither coefficient are additive inverses ( 16x + -8x =/= 0), the easiest remedy is to multiple both sides of the second equation by 2.
2 (-8x - 6y) = 2(6) results in -16x - 12y = 12
Now, add this to the first equation 16x - 10y = 10:
     16x - 10y = 10
+  -16x - 12y = 12
=    0x  - 22y = 22
Solve for y:
-22y = 22   divide both sides by -22
    y  = -1
Now that you know y = -1, substitute it back into the original equation:
16x - 10 (-1) = 10
16x + 10 = 10
16x = 0
  x  = 0
To check, substitute x = 0 into the second original equation:
-8 (0) - 6y = 6
-6y = 6
y = -1
I hope this is what you were looking for!
see the answers to the prior 4 or 5 questions posed by you on solving by elimination