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how to solve each system by elimination -6x-6y=6 and -6x+3y=-12

i dont know how to do this
please explain
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2 Answers

 -6X - 6Y = 6
 -6X  +3Y = -12
  Simplify both equations:
        X + Y = -1
       2X - Y = 4
        3X = 3
            X =1
          Y =-2
Hi Angelica;
Let's subtract the second equation from the first...
The x is eliminated...
Let's divide both sides by -9...
Let's plug this into either equation to establish the value of x.
I randomly select the first equation...
Subtracting a negative number is identical to adding a positive number...
Let's subtract 12 from both sides...
Let's divide both numbers by -6...
Let plug both values into the second equation to verify...