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i need to know the name of a shape, how can i draw it for you to see it

th shape is similiar to a triangle but the longer line is straight down and then two lines to the right side


You could draw it, and then use a scanner to scan it, or a digital camera to take a photo and put it on your computer. Then upload it to a website like or and once it's uploaded, copy and paste the link here. 

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2 Answers

Planar (two-dimensional) shapes are defined by the number of sides.  A specific kind of shape called a polygon is a closed figure with straight line segments for sides.  To answer your question, then, we would need to know whether it is a two-dimensional shape, such as a polygon, or a three-dimensional shape, which is called a solid for reasons that should make sense to anyone living in a world of three dimensions--it has width, length, and depth, just like anything that has any amount of volume. If it is two-dimensional and, as you say, is "similar" to a triangle, I have to assume that it is a three-sided closed figure with straight sides.  In other words, it is a triangle.  Otherwise, it's just three line segments on a page.