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James S.

asked • 10/05/16

Story problem help please

There are two car rental options available for a five-day trip. Option I is $50 per day, with 200 free miles and $0.40 per mile for each additional mile. Option II is $65.28 per day, with a charge of $0.25 per mile.
(a) Determine the cost C of a 600-mile trip for both options. (Round all charges to the nearest dollar.)
Option I C1 = $???? 

Option II C2 = $????

(b) Model the data with a cost function for each five-day option. (Enter all functions exactly. Simplify your answer completely.)
          =???? if 0 ≤ x ≤ 200 
C1(x) = ??? if x >200

C2(x)=??? if x≥0

b) Determine the mileages at which each option is preferable. (Round all distances to the nearest mile.)
Option I is preferable if x ∈ [0,???)
Option II is preferable if x> ???

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Kramer M. answered • 10/05/16

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James S.

Thanks so much!!!


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