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Archimedes Principle

Please help! I just do not even know what I'm doing, and currently waiting for tutors to respond to work with me one on one.  


An unknown fluid could be determined from


ρfl=(T-T'')/(T-T') * ρw


Assume that all of the tensions (T, T',T'') were measured and ρis a known constant.  Give a valid expression for the uncertainty of ρfl

Thanks in advance!
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1 Answer

I'm assuming you are familiar with partial derivatives and differentials? You use the differential dρ to approximate the error δρ. It is
dρ = (∂ρ/∂T) dT + (∂ρ/∂T') dT' + (∂ρ/∂T'') dT''
Now just compute the three partial derivatives and substitute in! :)