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Divide: 8 รท 0 = A. 8 B. There is no answer. C. 1 D. 0

what th anser

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It's all in how you look at a problem!   
"Division by zero is undefined"  is true, but what if you use your imagination?   8/0 = infinity is another answer.  8 = 0 * infinity.  There are several kinds of infinity, and I choose the one value of infinity that, when multiplied by zero gives 8.  Perfectly good answer I think.  You can include the assumption that 8 = 0* infinity in your mathematical system and it will still probably be consistent.
When you say 8/0 is undefined, you mean that there are multiple answers, and all of them are correct. There is no right answer.  So if you are seeking "the one right answer" you need to exclude 8/0 from consideration.
Mathematics is a creative endeavor.
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B. There is no answer.
Why ?
If 8 could be divided by 0, then let n be the answer.
therefore 8=0*n
What number can n be such that 0 times that number is 8 ?
There is no number because 0 times any number is 0.
Division by 0 is undefined.