Morgan D.

asked • 04/21/16

Indefinite Integral

I need help solving a couple of indefinite integrals. It seems all of my homework problems have done the less complicated ones so I'm not sure how to due these ones:
First problem:
(integral symbol)(3x^3-2x+e^x+3/2)dx
for this question ^ I've so far gotten the antiderivative as 3x^4/4-x^2+e^x+3lnIxI+c 
^(the capital I's are supposed to be absolute value signs)...but the answer seemed to simple so I wasn't sure if I was right.
Second problem:
(integral symbol)((e*sqrt of Y)/(2*sqrt of y)+(1-y)e^(2y-y^2))dy
I'm very confused on how to do most of these so if there's a basic way to do it I'd love to learn it as I can't post every problem on here (although each one is more complicated than the last)
Thank you!

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