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1x/1y = 2y/1z solve for x/z

1x/1y = 2y/1z how would you solve for x/z is it 1x/1y * 2y = 2x/z or 1x/1y/2y = 0.5 x/z

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2 Answers

x/y = 2y/z

Multiply both sides by y:

y(x/y) = y(2y/z)

x = 2y2/z

Multiply both sides by 1/z (or divide both sides by z):
(1/z) x = (1/z)(2y2/z)
x/z = 2y2/z2


x/z = 2(y/z)2
Hello Lana,
Kind of odd to solve for an x/z but the following is how I would proceed.
(1x)/(1y) = (2y)/(1z) is the same as x/y = (2y)/z start by getting your x/z by multiplying the second side by x/x
x/y = (2xy)/(xz), now multiply both sides by x/1
(x2)/y = (2xy)/z, now multiply both sides by 1/(2y)
(x2)/(2y2) = x/z
I am not sure if that is exactly what you are looking for but that is solved for the term x/z.