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I don't know how to answer algebraic word problems.

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3 Answers

The main trouble with solving word problems is translating from "English" to "Math." The trouble here could be that you may not realize that there are two equations involved!  In is easy to see that there are 32 coins in total; it was stated as such!  But realizing (and figuring out) the second equation, which represents the coins in terms of their cost, is much harder to see.
Let x= number of dimes
Let y = number of nickels
Create a system of 2 equations and solve by substitution or elimination method.
x + y = 32
0.10x + 0.05y = 2.35
Have you learned systems of equations? If so, I will continue showing you how to do this problem.

Let number of dimes be x and number od nickles be y x + y = 32 10x + 5y = 235 Solve simulateous equations x = 32-y substitute in second eqation 10(32-y) + 5y =235 320-10y +5y = 235 320-5y = 235 5y = 320-235 y= 85/5= 17 substitute in first equation x = 15 dimes = 15 and nickles = 17