Sierra M.

asked • 10/25/13

Physics questions

A man jumps a fence 2.45 m. If the PEg at the top point of his trajectory was 1.59x10^3 J, what was his mass? a.) 66.2 kg b.) 666 kg c.) 662 kg d.) 26.6 kg
You slide a 5-kg object up a ramp inclined at 25 degrees. How long is the ramp if the PEg of the object is 2.4x10^2 J? A.) 32 m b.) 22 m c.) 12 m
A 100,000 lb freight car is drawn 2500 feet up a long a 1.2% grade at constant speed. Find the work find against gravity. A.) 300,000 J b.) 2,940,000 J c.) 0 N d.) 4,067,400
A 200 N box is pushes up and include 10 long and 3 m high. The average force is 120 N. a.) How much work is done? b.) What is the change in the PE of the box? c.) What is the change in KE how the box? d.) What is the frictional force on the box?
A bullet going 153 m/s crashes through a wood plank. After passing through the plank it's speed is 130 m/s  Another bullet, of the same mass and size traveling at 92 m/s is also fired at the plank. What will the second bullet's speed be after tunneling through? 1.) the resistance of the plank is independent of the speed of the bullet. 2.) the plank does the same amount of work on the two bullets.

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Brad M. answered • 10/26/13

Kinematics, Work-Energy, Electromagnetism: VT 2205-6, 2305-6, RU 111-2

Nali M. answered • 10/25/13

Nali M (Mechanical Engineer)- Tutor in Physics, Chemistry and Math

Nali M.

i will answer the rest of the questions in a short while


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