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any number that has 9 factor also has 3 as a factor. why is this

any number that has 9 as a factor also has 3 as a factor why is this

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3 Answers

Let's suppose 9 is a factor of the number N.  That means N is 9 times some integer M.

N = 9*M 

Since 9 = 3*3, we can also write N as 

N = 3*3*M

That means N is 3 times some integer (3*M).  So 3 is also a factor of N.


Hi, Annie.

Factors are numbers that multiply together to give another number. You can also say that a number can be divided evenly by its factors.

If the factors of a number can also be factored, then the number can be divided by those smaller factors as well. For example, 6 is a factor of 30.  6 is 2 times 3, so that means 2 and 3 are also factors of 30.
You can divide 30 by 2, by 3 and by 6 to find other factors as well.

Hope this helps!

Think of 9 as 3*3.  If a number has nine as a factor it clearly has 3 as a factor.