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5 5/6 x 1 3/4

How do I convert a whole number and a fraction to a fraction notation?
5 5/6 x 1 3/4

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Joshua M. | Josh M- Tutor in MooreJosh M- Tutor in Moore
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I believe what you are asking is how do I convert a mixed number to an improper fraction. Here your mixed number is 5 5/6. To convert, you take the denominator 6, multiply by your whole number 5, and add that to your existing numerator 5 to equal your new numerator. Put that new numerator over the old denominator. So for 5 5/6, the improper fraction would be 35/6. Hope that helps!


Derek W. | Engineering Grad for Math and Science TutoringEngineering Grad for Math and Science Tu...
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To convert to an improper fraction you simply need to multiply the number in front by the denominator and add the numerator.
5 5/6 = (5*6+5)/6 = 35/6
1 3/4 = (1*4+3)/4 = 7/4
You can then multiply the two fractions
(35*7)/(4*6) = 245/24


Hi Derek W.
Your answer was a little confusing by using the words number in front (Whole #) If there hadn't been someone else sending an answer I would have had a bit of a hard time understanding. Especially your written formula. But then I am really emotional mess when it comes to math. Thanks for being available! I really have no tutors in Bonners Ferry, Idaho for North Idaho college that can't seem to keep any. Thanks again. Elaine