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Nastasi K.

asked • 10/28/15

Physics Help?

1. A man jumps a fence 2.45 m. If the PEg at the top point of his trajectory was 1.59 * 10^3 J, what was his mass?
a) 666 kg
b) 662 kg
c) 66.2 kg
d) 26.6 kg
2. You slide a 5-kg object up a ramp inclined at 25 degrees. How long is the ramp if the PEg of the object is 2.4 × 10^2 J?
a) 32
b) 12
c) 22
3. A 100,000-lb freight car is drawn 2500 ft up a long a 1.2% grade at constant speed. Find the work done against gravity.
a) 4067400 J
b) 2940000 J
c) 3000000 J
d) 0 N

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Hannah S. answered • 10/28/15

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