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What math subject is after this?

What math subject comes after Fourier Analysis for physics and electrical engineering majors?
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2 Answers

Some higher level math courses I took include finite difference method, finite element method, statistical mechanics, numerical method in sciences, numerical analysis of partial differential equations.
When Fourier analysis is taught as part of a course on partial differential equations, it is usually followed by how to use Fourier series and Fourier transforms to solve partial differential equations.


So Fourier Analysis isn't a course but part of a topic in partial differential equations? I know that after PDE, there are complex analysis, numerical analysis, but what's after that?
Sometimes Fourier Analysis is taught as a course of its own, e.g. as a "special topics" course or at the graduate level, but more often it is part of another course such as Partial Differential Equations or Real Analysis.
As an engineering major, you wouldn't take math courses beyond Complex Analysis and Numerical Analysis. At this point, you should be more concerned about taking all the required physics and engineering courses!