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How far does it travel?

A car accelerates uniformly from rest to a final speed of 19 m/s in 10 seconds. How far does it travel during this period of acceleration?
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3 Answers

Here is a quick way: Use average velocity for constant acceleration process.
d = (1/2)(Vo+V)t = (1/2)(0+19)(10) = 95 m


Indeed, the "ave speed" can mentally solve many uniform accel probs: 9.5m/s runs 10s => 95m
Use the kinematic equation
Δx = ½(vf+vi)t with vi=0.
1) Find acceleration.
a=(vf-vi)/t=(19-0) (m/s)/10 s=1.9 m/s2.
2) Use the formula for the distance traveled:
d=vit+at2/2. In your case vi=0, so 
Plug in numbers to get the answer.