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How much time?

A truck falls off a cliff. If the cliff is 33.5 m high, how much time for the truck to reach the bottom?
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3 Answers

h = (1/2)gt^2
Solve for t,
t = sqrt(2h/g) = sqrt(2*33.5/9.8) = 2.6 sec <==answer
Sun -- you may like KE=PE ... 0.5mv*v = mgh ... Vf= sqrt(2gh) = sqrt 670 ~ 26m/s
==> takes 2.6s from rest ... Best wishes, sir :)
The equation for this is t=sqrt(2d/g).
t= Time
d= Distance
g= Gravitational Acceleration (~9.8 m/s/s)
The equation would be:
Simplified it becomes:
t= 2.61382834688