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is the tutoring online only?

will the tutor come to my home?


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Tutoring is usually face to face.  The ideal place is somewhere neutral like a local library, but sometimes in the home is okay.

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Tutoring is usually held in a public place like a library, but sometimes in the student's home. You and your tutor will make the arrangements appropriate for your situation.

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No. The tutor and the student arrange on a lesson location (usually the student's home or a public venue like the library).

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Go to the WyzAnt home page, put in your subject and zip code to find a list of tutors in your area. You can look at their profiles, send an email to individual tutors to inquire about their services, or just post your needs. This does not require you to formally sign up with WyzAnt.  You should get responses from qualified tutors.  You can't exchange last names or contact information until you do sign up with WyzAnt, but there is NO COST at all unless and until a tutor actually works with you and submits a "completed lesson".  WyzAnt is reputable, or I would not be offering my services through them!  No hidden fees or other charges of any kind.

While this Answer Forum is free, WyzAnt has a new online tutoring platform in beta testing.  It's not intended to be free, but a way to assist people who don't have anyone near enough to tutor them in person.  I use it for quick questions with some of my students and I don't typically charge for that.  I don't know how others are using it.  If you can find a tutor who is close enough to come to you, that is preferable by far. Communication is more cumbersome and there aren't as many clues for me to pick up on to zero in on what exactly you need so you can understand the topic at hand.  Having said that, it's a whole lot better than not being able to get any help at all!

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Online tutoring is free. If you need someone from you area, he should have registered in this website. He can find you if you have posted your request.