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how do you factor

how do you factor 3x^2 ive tried and i cant figure it out

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3 Answers

Hi, Bianca.

Since this is a monomial (only one term), let's look at what it is made of. 3x^2 means 3 times x times x. Since these are multiplied together, they are the factors. So you would factor it as (3)(x)(x). 

Hope this helps!


When you factor things, you are probably used to seeing something like X+ BX + C = (X+    )(X+     ), where the two numbers that go in the blanks add up to B and multiply to C. In this case, we can think of the equation as 3X+ 0X + 0. Now, we factor out the 3, and get 3(X2 + 0X + 0). Now we use the parentheses.

3(X+    )(X+    ) we are looking for two numbers that add up to 0 and multiply to 0. What are they? 0 and 0 of course! So, 

3(X+0)(X+0) is the factoring. Since X+0 just equals 0, our final answer is


This may look like there are a few extra steps, but if you always do these problems in the same way, they will become much easier. 



You can look at this like 3x^2 + 0x + 0. So when you factor, it would be (3x + 0)(x + 0), or (3x)(x)