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How many years will it take scientists to invent teleportation device?

How many years will it take scientists to invent teleportation device from now on? And how much money can the person earn by inventing this? Can someone do experiments for this in a laboratory by writing an agreement saying that once it succeeds, that person will give 10% profits to that laboratory based on what the person earns? Where can that person find a laboratory that does this? Inside the colleges? Are there independent labs that does this?


Grigori, I know this sounds crazy and impossible. But consider someone who wants to do this and can't find the laboratory of doing this. Can you at least give me a clue about where can someone do this in a laboratory? Like specifically, how could you find the laboratory where you can write the agreement saying that once this invention succeeds, the inventor will obviously earn lots of money and will give some profits to that lab since that person used their materials for this invention? If the inventor doesn't get any profits, then how can that person find independent laboratories that does this? If US doesn't have this, then do other countries let you do this?

This is a very complex problem. I don't believe there is a laboratory focused on these stidies. But I believe, more relevant areas include biophysical studies at quantum mechanical level, psychophysiological studies, and hypnosis (the last two are interrelated). If you have any other questions about this I'll be glad to help you. But you have to understand: moving to the quantum level very complicates the entire problem. This is how I understand.

Also, can a student study college courses independently without taking a class and take those tests and get score reports from that college? How much do they charge you? Can you suggest me a community college or a college that a student can do this without taking the classes? Consider someone who lives in Los Angeles.

I don't believe, colleges or universities are practicing this. Usually they are interested in having students attending their classes because the students have to pay for it. This is one of ways these educational institutions make money. In countries with free education it may be possible, but I don't know for sure. In my opinion, it would be right think to do - to give people the opportunity you are asking about. I would advise you to do online search. I'll be glad to help you as much as I can.

Then which countries have free education? Does South Korea has them? And how do I do the online search? Could you be a little more specific like which websites to go to? Sorry that I'm asking lots of questions but this is very important to me and I must know these facts.

Many european countries have a free education system. I would recommend you to look at this website (you can also search for others):

If you have any other question I'll be glad to answer as much as I can.

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You are, probably, under influence of various movies involving teleportaion (the last one is "Now you see me").

Teleportation, as it perceived by moviemakers, is practically impossible physical process, because it includes reversible processes the probability of which is very very low, almost zero. Practical realization of these processes (as it shown in movies) is in contradction with the law of increase in entropy in stattistical irreversible processes (the second law of thermodynamics). Thus, none of physical devices can make this happen in reality.

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Hi Sun,

Let me start by saying very interesting and "outside of the box" question.  Although I don't think many can really give you a precise answer (including myself), I did find an interesting article that you may find interesting.  Take a look at it and let me know what you think about it.  Maybe you can even tell me your opinion of the length of time it will take.


It turns out that scientist were not able to teleport humans or any organic being...but this group, at ETH Zurich, were able to teleport information!  This is very very cool!  Why don't you read this article and let me know your thoughts.

Andrew L.

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1. Well, in 200 years, or so, most population will vanish from face of Earth. For few thousands years, Earth will relax and restore itself .... and next loop of evolution will bring new type of organisms, and aliens from outer space, finally, will come to change something in our genes again to make us smarter. They just afraid to come over at this time, because there are too many of us here. We will ruin them by being too exciting or too violent, will see.
So, my guess it will happen after 10,000 years.
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