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A pitcher contained 5g-2 gallons of water. Water was then poured from the pitcher into a glass that has a capacity of (g-5)gallons how many gallons of water ar

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3 Answers

You have two different volumes:

(Pitcher) 5g-2

(Glass) g-5

To know how many gallons of water were left in the pitcher after pouring water into the glass you have to subtract the glass volume from the pitcher volume:

     5g-2 - (g-5)


Rearrange the equation (to see it clearly)


     4g+3 These are the gallons of water left in the pitcher.

You are starting with 5g-2 and pouring out g-5. Here is how you would set that up:

   5g - 2

-   g + 5

= 4g + 3

the tricky part of this is remembering to distribute the negative sign, which turns the -5 into +5.