Ella M.

asked • 04/11/15

Lewis vs. Brønsted vs. Precipitation reaction

Is Ba2+(aq) + SO42-(aq) --> BaSO4(s) a Brønsted acid-base reaction and/or a Lewis acid-base reaction and why? I thought it was Lewis and not Brønsted but apparently that's wrong. Thanks!

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Pascal M. answered • 04/12/15

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Ella M.

Thank you! The AP practice exam I was looking at expected Zn(OH)+ 2OH- forming a coordination complex as a better example of a Lewis acid-base reaction that wasn't Brønsted so I guess I got a little too technical arguing that there were two answers, but at least I wasn't totally wrong!


Pascal M.

You are correct, the reaction of Zn(OH)2 + 2OH <==> Zn(OH)42– is a more common example of Lewis A/B reaction.
Don't hesitate to post more questions about your AP review. I generally check the board every day for AP type questions.


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