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what does "Farrakhan" mean, or stand for..........


it`s the name, and or meanings.........

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Veronica D. | All K-6 subjects including Spanish and college level PsychologyAll K-6 subjects including Spanish and c...

Hello Walter. Based on my college learnings in regard to sociology and cultural psychology, Farrakhan is a name, but also has a meaning. As with many names, the meanings may vary between different cultures and translations. Farrakhan is probably most commonly an Arabic name, although I have heard of non-Arabs using the name which means "charmer" or "charming." Louis Farrakhan is the founding leader of the "Nation of Islam" which is a predominantly African-American religious movement. He is said to have learned his teachings from Elijah Muhammad, and allegedly preached of tolerance and peace for African Americans. So yes, it is both a name and a meaning. 1) Name of the founder of the Nation of Islam 2) Means charming and charmer in Arabic I hope this helps.


Thanks so much for your answers Veronica ;  I`m so glad that we all don`t feel and think of Demons!=

Mohamed A. | Creative, Knowledgeable Arabic Tutor for MSA, Classical ArabicCreative, Knowledgeable Arabic Tutor for...
Hi Walter, if you mean "Farrhan" In Arabic, it could be both a name and adjective. It could be a name of a person and it could be an adjective that means "happy" in Egyptian Arabic.
In Modern Standard Arabic, the word "happy" means "saaeed."
I hope this is useful :).