3y=x+w solve for x


Zero Polynomials

A Polynomial has a zero at -5, a double zero at 3 , and a zero at 6. Which of the following could be the polynomials described?(x+5)(x-6)(x+3)(x+5)(x-6)(x-3)(x-5)(x+6)(x+3)^2(x+5)(x-6)(x-3)^2My... more

What are the answers for A. and B. below?

The cost for installing carpeting in a room that is x square feet can be determined using the equation y = 4x + 50.a) If the cost was $130, how many square feet was the room?b) If your dining room... more


how do i solve this problem in excel

In cell B8, create a formula without using a function that multiplies the value in cell B7 by the value in cell B6 and then adds the value in B7. In this formula, use a mixed reference for cell B6... more


Which of the following equations DOES NOT have an Axis of Symmetry at x = 2?

f(x) = -3(x - 2)² + 5g(x) = 4(x - 7)(x + 3)h(x) = x² + 4x + 7


Math Question>>(Algebra)

If Marie spends $10.50 for DVDs and $8 for CDs. She purchased 3 more CDs than DVDs the total amount of money spent was less than $120. X represents DVDs purchased. Y represents number of CD... more


Question 1: Evaluate 5(A + 2B) if possible.A.) B.)C.)D.)Question 2: Evaluate DC if possible.A.) B.) C.) D.) not possibleQuestion 3: Identify the graph for the point C(−2, −1, 2) in... more


Please help-I am super stuck I will appreciate it.

Write an equation in standard form of the line that passes through the given point and has the given slope m. Hint: put it in slope intercept form first.(4, 3) m=7


Q=3a+5ac solve for c


problem for mathh!!!!!

Solve the system of linear equations by graphing.y=34x−4y=−12x+11

i need some help

Arianna deposits $500 in an account that pays 3% interest, compounded semiannually. How much is in the account at the end of two years?


Growth and decay

h(p)=2(1.25)^(p) Growth or Decay: ______ b) Growth or Decay Factor:______ c) Growth or Decay Rate:______ d) Initial Value: ______ 


The points (0, 2), (1, 3), (2, 6), and (3, 11) are on the graph of a function. Which of the following equations represents that function?

A. h(x) = 2x2 B. h(x) = x2 + 2 C. h(x) = 0.5x2 +1.5 D. h(x) = x + 2


Use the information to answer the following question.

A rectangular garden has a length that is 3 feet longer than its width. Let w represent the width of the garden in feet. The entire garden is surrounded by a 2-foot-wide cement walkway.What does... more


Microsoft Excel - I don't understand relative and absolute references

What is a relative or absolute reference?


How do I write an IF statement and embed another IF statement

The format of the IF statement is: =IF(logical_test, value_if_true, value_if_false)Example=IF(A2 = "Pizza","Yes, Pizza","No")Is cell A2 has Pizza, then it will return "Yes, Pizza" otherwise it will... more


read the description for question. thanks :)

A gym has two machines you want to use. An elliptical trainer that burns 8 calories per minute, and a stationary bike that burns 6 calories per minute. You have 40 minutes to exercise at the gym,... more


comparing two linear functions

Blake is deciding between two parking garages. Garage A charges an initial fee of $10 to park plus $3 per hour. Garage B charges an initial fee of $3 to park plus $4 per hour. Let A represent the... more


how much does eavh item cost individually?

Alicia bought 2 burgers and 3 small fries at Dave’s Burger Shack for a total of $21.18. Jack bought 4 burgers and 2 small fries for a total of $29.56.


Evaluate -2x 2 y, if x = -3 and y = -1.



x2−12x+144 Factor the perfect square trinomial.

Factor the perfect square trinomial.


Perpendicular Line

Identify the equation of a line in slope-interecept form that is perpendicular to y = -1/3x + 2 and passes through (2,1).

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