What is the difference?? Spanish

Past tense, what is the past tense of these?¿Qué ______________ (HACER) tú ayer?Tú _____________ (TOMAR) dos clases ayer, ¿no?Tú ____________ (COMER) una ensalada de Zaxby's ayer por la noche.Mi... more


probability distribution

The probability distribution for a random variable x is given in the table.X: -5,-3,-2,0,2,3Probability: .17, .13, .33, .16, .11, .10find the probability that x≤-3


math 5th grade HELPPPP

Kenny and Fred were competing to see who could swim the most laps. Kenny let Fred swim 6 laps before he started. After Kenny started every minute Fred swam 3 laps and Kenny swam 5 laps. How many... more


should people with debt be given credit


Mathematics word problem

A worker at a snack stand opened a new box of cups. The first day he used 30 cups , the second day the worker used 15 percent of the remaining cups. A total of 90 cups were used the second day.what... more

Percentage question

Four vessels are kept on a table in a manner thattheir quantity keeps on becoming 3 times whenmeasured from left towards right. 25% of the firstvessel, 30% of the second vessel, 40% of the... more

Percentage question

There are two numbers. When first number is increased by 125%, the obtained number is 300 less than second number and if the first number is increased by 150 then the obtained number is 200 less... more


Solving Word Problem

The WJ soccer team is having a fundraiser selling pizzas and soda. They will sell the pizza for $3 a slice and the soda for $2 each. They need to make at least 300 dollars. They will not sell more... more


Profit Percent and margin percent

Suppose the price of product is Rs900 in one shop,and the same product I get at Rs450 from other shop. Can you please tell me how much Profit % and Margin % I will get?

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