Mathmatics evaluating

A taxi driver determines the fare using the formula F = 1.50 + 2.6m. Where f is the fare and m is the miles. What is the fare for a taxi ride that is 2.5 miles long?



Jeremy collected nickles for one week. He is making stacks of his nickles to determine how many he has. The thickness of one nickle is 1/16 inch.What is the combines height of 3 nickles, 2 nickles,... more


Word Problem on Stocks

Betty has a total of $18,152 invested in stock A and stock B. Suppose A is currently worth $56 per share and stock B is currently worth $100 per share. If stock A increases by $15 and Stock B... more

Algebra homework

The perimeter of a rectangle is equal to 10. If the length is halved and the width is doubled, the new perimeter is increased by 4. What is the length of the original rectangle ? A. 3B. 2C. 4D. 1


6 times the sum of a number and 8 equals 3


Answer For problem

Charles has a large book collection. Half of them are fantasy, one quarter are biographies, one eighth are mystery and 6 are books about sports. How many books does he have in all and how many of... more


My question is down below because it is too long but i need help for homework

Jenny's aunt wants to buy a mix of almonds and pecans as a birthday gift for Jenny. She wants to buy 6 pounds of nuts in total and spend $50. If almonds cost $7 per pound and pecans cost $9 per... more

Trains and math

A train travels 25 miles in 20 minutes. What is the trains speed in mph?

30 - 6a < -15 + -21


the sum of two number are 17 and the difference is 4


what is the correct way to pronounce 201.445

what is the best way so i can learn how to pronounce it better than i can rn


Math question on himework

A student missed 58 problems on a test and received 27% if all problems were equal value how many problems were on test


How to elimination

How do you solve this with elimination 5x+7y=32;8x+6y=46


How to elimination

How do you solve this with elimination 5x+7y=32;8x+6y=46

Solving and equation for a specified variable

The difference between 19 and 2 times a number is 4
1 3 4 5 6 7 16

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