Years after 1990 U.S. population (in millions) 1990: x=0 248.8 2000: x=10 281.4 2010: x=20 308.7 2020: x=30 331.4 2021: x=31 331.9 B) Use your graphing calculator’s linear regression... more


Geometry Question

if l || m, m<7 = 6x + 4, and m<15 = 14 x - 4, calculate m<13


Cylinder problem

Hi, my question is this: I rolled up piece of paper that measures 8.5 inches x 11 inches two different ways to create 2 different cylinders that hold a different amount, this shows that the two... more


Please help me need help very fast i am very confused!

Question 1: Identify the lateral area and surface area of a regular square pyramid with base edge length 11 cm and slant height 15 cm, rounded to the nearest tenth.A.) L = 660 cm2 ; S = 781 cm2B.)... more


Please need help very quickly!

Question 1: A regular hexagonal prism has a height of 7 cm and base edge length of 4 cm. Identify its lateral area and surface area.A.) L = 168 cm2 ; S = 251.1 cm2B.) L = 168 cm2 ; S = 209.6 cm2C.)... more


Find the exact value of the following under the given conditions a.cos(a-b) b.(a-b) c.tan(a-b)

tan b=-9/40, 3pi/2<β<2picot a=12/35, pi<β<3pi/2sum and difference identities

Evaluate the following expressions. The answer must be given as a fraction, NO DECIMALS. If the answer involves a square root It should be entered as sqrt.

If sin theta = 3/5 and theta is in quadrant II, then.... cos theta= tan theta = cot theta = sec theta = csc theta=


in rst, if s=t, rs=9x-13, st=10x-3, and rt=4x+2, find x and the measurement of each side

in rst, if s=t, rs=9x-13, st=10x-3, and rt=4x+2, find x and the measurement of each sidex=rt=st=In acd, if ac=cd, a=3x-4, c=5x+1, and d=7x-27, find x and the measure of each anglex=a=c=d=

Quadric Functions

The directrix of a cylinder is a circle in the xz-plane with generators perpendicular to that plane.The directrix is tangent to the x-axis at x=3The directrix is tangent to the z-axis at z=3Find an... more


Find the volume of the composite solid. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.

the composite solid consists of a cone inside a square prism with the height of 5.1m and length of 5.1m.The volume is about ___ cubic meters.


Please Helpppppppp

Eric has scores of 72​, 81​, and 86 on his history tests. Use an inequality to find the scores he can make on his final exam to receive a B in the class. The final exam counts as two ​tests, and a... more


Lengths of triangle?

The perimeter of a triangle is 8888 centimeters. If two sides are equally long and the third side is 77 centimeters longer than the​ others, find the lengths of the three sides.


How many frames each?

A woman bought some large frames for ​$12each and some small frames for ​$5each at a closeout sale. If she bought 15frames for ​$110find how many of each type she bought.


How many students

In a particular​ year, a total of 57,048 students studied in two of the most popular host countries when traveling abroad. If 5226 more students studied in the most popular host country than in the... more


linnea is renting a bike. It costs $4.50 per hour plus a $5 deposit. What is the equation of the line in slope intercept form.

y=mx+bb= y intersectionm=slopex=x axis (East to West)y=y axis (North to East)



At a concession stand, 3 hot dogs and 4 hamburger(s) cost $13.25 4 hot dogs 3 hamburger $13.00 Find the cost of one hotdog and the cost of one hamburge


What is 8-6×7+8?

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