J is 25 more than 3

Write and equation to represent the following statement j is 25more than 3


A math question

The length of a rectangle is five times its width. The area of the rectangle is 245 square centimeters. What is the dimensions of the rectangle.


hi con some one please respond?

hi can you comment if you see this?




What is a number divided by 3 is no more than 4


I really need help on my HW asap

y-1=2(x-3/2) This is for my homework


Urgent Algebra Help Needed

Tell whether the lines for each pair of equations are parallel, perpendicular, or neither. Y= -4x + 3. -2x + 8y I forgot how to do this help please!!


solve for x 3 (x+1)=5 (x-2)+7


Need an equation

It costs $4.25 per game at the bowling alley, plus $1.90 to rent shoes. If I have $20, how many games can I bowl?


does anybody tutor discreet math?

I am in a college class, Math 113, the book is Viewing Life Mathematically by Denley & Hall (2016) Hawkes Learning. I have been told it is a "discreet math" class. Need a tutor who has... more

two films together gross $1143 million. movie a grossed $139 million less than movie b. how much did each film gross?

i’m doing a summer work packet and lost the note guide portion. all i have are the questions. please help!


which is largest .500 9/15 .250 .750 7/8

What  number is greater

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