A 43.0 kg parachutist is moving straight downward with a speed of 4.00 m/s .

If the parachutist comes to rest with constant acceleration over a distance of 0.785  , what force does the ground exert on her?


chemistry homework

In a 74.0-g  aqueous solution of methanol, CH4O, the mole fraction of methanol is 0.160. What is the mass of each component?Mass of CH4O (g) ? Mass of water (g) ?


Trigonometric function


Chemistry Help Please!

If .2784 moles of aluminum sulfide react with fluorine, to make aluminum fluoride and elemental sulfur (S), how many moles of fluorine are used up?


Calculate decelerate in m/s^2

Sam was driving with a speed of 45 miles per hour until a dog runs in front of him and suddenly he hits the brakes to decelerate his speed rapidly to 15 mph in 30s. Calculate his deceleration in... more


How do I solve for Work using only distance?

Currently taking highschool physics when I came across this question in my homework:"A basketball player is lifting weights. She benches 45 kg, moving it 0.5 meters. If she does this in 0.8... more


How many US Senators are there?

Earth and Space science

Fill in the two processes that cause each of the following transitions. Ocean -> Cloud _______________________, _______________________Cloud -> Glacier _______________________,... more


Which of the following would be a restriction of the second amendment to the us constitution?

A. A ban on school smoking in public B. Schools as gun-free zonesC. Handicapped parking spaces D. Emergency evacuation routes


The order is for 25mg. The bottle says 100mg per 15ml of liquid. How many milliliters should you get?

The doctor finally figures out what is wrong with you and prescribes a medicine that will return you to full health. The order is for 25mg of the medicine. The nurse walks in with a liquid and you... more


Kinetics in Physics

An Olympic diver is on a diving platform 7.70 m above the water. To start her dive, she runs off of the platform with a speed of 1.19 m/s in the horizontal direction. What is the diver's speed, in... more


Chemistry question

A 1.75 g sample of an unknown gas at 47 ∘C and 1.05 atm is stored in a 2.15 L flask.What is the density of the gas? (g/L)What is the molar mass of the gas? (g/mol)


How much methanol, in grams, must be burned to produce 767 kJ of heat?

When methanol, CH3OH, is burned in the presence of oxygen gas, O2, a large amount of heat energy is released. For this reason, it is often used as a fuel in high performance racing cars. The... more


Chemistry Question

If 81.5 mol of an ideal gas occupies 45.5 L at 45.00∘C, what is the pressure of the gas? The answer is in atm units.


Im so confused idk how to put it together

Boat rentals. boat rentals charge 350 for the first two hours and $50 for each additional half hour. if you budgeted at most $600 to rent the boat, how many additional half hours can you rent the... more


Math Problem Help

Martina invested her savings in two investment funds. The amount she invested in Fund A was $4000 less than the amount she invested in Fund B. Fund A returned a 2% profit and Fund B returned a 8%... more

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