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Measurement Conversion Math Word Problem Homework Test


How many 1 cup servings are in 3 and 1/2 cups

I need help with my homework
Measurement Conversion


Measurement Conversion

How do I convert 7.0 metres to feet?
Measurement Conversion


how much is 1.56 cm in feet?

how much is 1.56 cm in feet?
Measurement Conversion Measurement Measurement Question


200ml = 35g. How much gram for 60ml (60ml = ?g)?

I need to feed newborn baby kitten (powder milk).    200ml = 35g. How much gram for 60ml (60ml = ?g)?   Also, how much in tablespoon measure? 200ml = 35g / ? tablespoon 60ml = ?g / ?... more
Measurement Conversion Conversion With Mixed Numbers Values


Im getting confused

Ravi caught a 512 pound fish. How much did it weigh in ounces?
Measurement Conversion


Every for every three cans of vegetables purchase you get one free can Tessie went home with 32 cans of vegetables how many cans did she have to pay for

I need help i don't understand this problem
Measurement Conversion


For every three cans of vegetables purchase you get one free can. Tessie went home with 32 cans of vegetables. How many cans does she have to pay for.

I don't understand this problem can someone help me
Measurement Conversion


Ann is putting carpet in a room that is 12 ft long and 10 feet wide. The carpet cost $3 per square foot. How much will the carpet for the room cost.

I need help with this question please somebody help me
Measurement Conversion Word Problem


If there are 445 kcal in 1 cup, and 1 cup weighs 3.4 ozs, how many kcal are there in an ounce?

I'm working on some nutrition adjustments for my cats. It's easier for me to weigh out their food on the kitchen scale, but the kcal count from the manufacturer is by volume, not by weight.
Measurement Conversion


a sack of flour weights 49oz . how much does the flour weighs in pounds and ounces

a sack of flour weighs 49oz how much does the flour weigh in pounds and ounces?
Measurement Conversion


A recipe serving four people calls for three teaspoons of honey. You want to quadruple this recipe How many cups of honey will you need for this new recipe?

I need to know how to get from teaspoons to cups
Measurement Conversion Math Help Measurement Measurement Question


How much ribbon for my class?

My class needs 27 pieces of ribbon, each piece 2 feet, 3 inches long. How many yards of ribbon does my class need?
Measurement Conversion


What is the weight in ounces if a box of books is 8 times heavier than a box of apples and the total weight of both boxes is 104 pounds?

How do I solve the problem?  
Measurement Conversion


How do you convert 1ea to ea?

Culinary Calculations
Measurement Conversion


If you have a plot of land that is 6,000,000 centimeters wide and 2.3 kilometers long, how many acres would you have?

I don't have anything to add
Measurement Conversion


Paul weighs 6lb and 3oz. Fred weighs 102 oz. Who weighs more?

 I know It's a division problem but I can't figure it out. Do I divide 6 into 102?
Measurement Conversion


Starting a new unit. Measurement

43 qt gives me how many gal and how many qt. I know that 4qt gives me 1 gal so I think the answer is 10 gal but I don't know if that is right and I also don't know about finding the qt. Please... more


Diana is buying seven avocados. Each avocado weighs 8 oz. How much will they cost her if avocados cost $2.00 a pound?

I am working on operations with time and mixed units. The question is: Diana is buying seven avocados. Each avocado weighs 8 oz. How much will they cost her if avocados cost $2.00 a pound?
Measurement Conversion


Measurement Conversion

A new energy efficient automobile can travel 34.4 miles on one gallon of gas.  At this rate, how many feet per quart does the car average?

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