Convert the compound statements into symbols

Chris does not play football and Kevin does not play basketball.It is not the case that Chris does not play football and Kevin does not play basketball

can we consider this as a compound statement having connectives of if-then? despite then is not present?

"If a speller is unable to spell the word within 30 seconds, the speller immediately drops out of the competition."can someone help me for I am a bit confused if I will consider it an If-then,... more

Is the following a valid argument: B v C, C v D, ∴A→C ? Why or why not? (see description for full question)

Imagine that you have a set of sentences in QL named A, B, C, and D, and assume that A and B are tautologies, C is contingent, and D is a contradiction. Is the following a valid argument: B v C, C... more


velocity and acceleration

s(t) = 6t 2 − 12t + 6/t + 3 , t ≥ 0Find the velocity of the particle when its acceleration is 3 nm/s2


What are worldy values?


Is it better to diversify my investments or just focus on one thing (like a stock)?

I want to build up a fund for retirement and to pass onto my children. Would it be better to have investments in many different things like some stocks, bonds, real estate, business, life... more


Momentum problem

A 105.9kg archer is standing on level ice (neglect friction) fires a 106.4g arrow to the right at 97.9m/s what is the recoil speed of the archer? (Report your answer to at least the thousandth’s... more


Help sought to solve ~(A&B) / ~(A&~B) // ~A

A student contacted me asking for assistance in validating this symbolic logic (propositional) argument:~(A&B)~(A&~B)~AThe question required the use of the Assumed Indirect Proof method,... more

Help is needed writing a simple JAVA class to check to see if a year is a leap year

A student wrote to me asking for help writing a JAVA program to calculate leap year. The assignment specified that the year must be evenly divisible by 4, but not 100. However, years divisible by... more

In Python how can I reformat list of words with correct commas and the word "and"?

A student asked for assistance with a Python assignment. She was provided with four lists: animalList1 = ['dog', 'cat', 'bird', 'tiger', 'lion', 'camel'] animalList2 = ['elephant', 'alligator']... more


Math Algebra 1

Your cell phone plan costs ​$24.99per month plus ​$0.18 for each text message you send or receive. You have at most ​$33to spend on your cell phone bill. What is the maximum number of text messages... more


Math Variations

The gravitational force, , between an object and the Earth is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the object to the center of the Earth. If an astronaut weighs 199 pounds on... more


magnitude and direction

Two forces F1 and F2 are applied to an object whose mass is 11.1 kg. The magnitude of F1 is larger than that of F2. When two forces point due east, the object has an acceleration whose magnitude is... more


magnitude and direction

Three coplanar forces acts on a block with mass m =70.0 kg. One is 23.2 N directed at 14.10, another is 35.4 N directed at 1390, the other is 77.7 N directed at 2890. What are the magnitude and... more


statistics assistance needed

Assume you put $600 per month into a retirement account for 13 years, and the account has an APR of 3.04% compounded monthly. What is the account balance at the end of the 13 years? Round your... more


Hide scroll bar, but while still being able to scroll?

I want to be able to scroll through the whole page, but without the scrollbar being shown.In Google Chrome it's: ::-webkit-scrollbar { display: none; }But Mozilla Firefox and... more

Measure time elapsed in Python?

What I want is to start counting time somewhere in my code and then get the passed time, to measure the time it took to execute few function. I think I'm using the timeit module wrong, but the docs... more


How do I connect to a MySQL Database in Python?

How do I connect to a MySQL database using a python program?


patrotism and nationalism

So, my first question is: But can a dissident (someone who expresses their disagreement with their own country) be considered patriotic? So, second question: is this a valid argument... more


Is Newton's third law always correct?

Newton's third law states that every force has an equal and opposite reaction. But this doesn't seem like the case in the following scenario: For example, a person punches a wall and the wall... more


Are Newton's "laws" of motion laws or definitions of force and mass?

If you consider [them](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton%27s_laws_of_motion) as laws, then there must be independent definitions of [force](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Force) and... more


If action equals reaction, how is it ever possible to win in martial arts?

In kick-boxing, when a fighter's leg hits an opponents leg, the outcome, based on Newton's 3rd law, should be the same for each fighter. It's not even important who kicked who, as in the moment of... more


Why do whips hurt so much?

What exactly is the mechanism that makes a whip deliver such a strong impact? Elasticity, torque, or pressure? Just hitting something with a plank doesn't deal nearly as much damage. What's the... more


Circle coordinates to array in Javascript?

What's the best way to add the coordinates of a circle to an array in JavaScript? So far I've only been able to do a half circle, but I need a formula that returns the whole circle to two different... more


How to pass variables and data from PHP to JavaScript?

I have a variable in PHP, and I need its value in my JavaScript code. How can I get my variable from PHP to JavaScript? I have code that looks like this: getValue(); // makes an api and db... more

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