please help me with honors chem solubility question

Answer all parts:Which solvent, water or hexane (C6H14), would you choose to dissolve each of the following?(a) NaClA. waterB. hexane    (b) HFA. waterB. hexane    (c) octane (C8H18)A.... more

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For the reactions below • Draw a condensed structural diagram for each of the reactants and products ( 3 marks) • Name the product that has been produced (questions 1 and 3) (1 mark) • Classify the... more


use conversion factors to perform the following conversions

determine the volume in liters of 42.34 grams of neon gas at STP

Please help me with honors chem

Identify the following chemical reaction as exothermic or endothermic: CaCO3 + 178 kJ --> CaO + CO2A. EndothermicB. Exothermic    


What volume (L) of NH3 gas at STP is produced by the complete reaction of 7.5 g of H2O acording to the following reaction.

MgN2(s) + 6H2O(l) → 3Mg(OH)2(aq) + 2NH3(g)9.3 3.12819


What happens to the pressure of a constant mass of gas at constant temperature when the volume is doubled?

The pressure is doubled.The pressure remains the same.The pressure is reduced by 1/2. The pressure is reduced by 1/4.


As a scuba diver descends, in addition to the normal atmospheric pressure, water exerts increasing pressure on the chest and lungs.

The surface level conditions are 1.00 atm at 291.3 K and you descend to a depth where the pressure is 1.04 atm. What is the temperature at this depth? 293 K283 K303 K273 K

What is the name of this reaction? And is the reaction product a Schiff base?

R–NH2 –> R–N=CH2What is the name of this reaction? Is the product a Schiff base?


Which element has the following ground state electron configuration?

Which element has the following ground state electron configuration? 3d 4s[Ar]

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1.) For the reaction C + 2H2 → CH4, how many grams of hydrogen are required to produce 17 moles of methane, CH4 ?Round your answer to the nearest tenth. If you answer is a whole number like 4,... more

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S   + 6 HNO3 → H2SO4 + 6 NO2 + 2 H2OIn the above equation, how many grams of water can be made when 4.4 moles of HNO3 are consumed?Round your answer to the nearest tenth. If you answer is a whole... more


Limiting Reactant, Production, and Excess Reactant

If 16.8g of carbon monoxide (CO) is mixed under high pressure with 3.78g of hydrogen gas (H2) to produce methanol, what would be the limiting reactant? What mass of Methanol will be produced? How... more


Find the number of moles in 5 grams of Calcium Chloride.


How many grams of Copper Hydroxide will be produced?

If 3.00 grams of copper(II)nitrate reacts with 4.35 grams of sodium hydroxide, how many grams of copper(II)hydroxide would be produced? a. 0.783grams b. 1.56grams c. 1.38grams


Calculate the pH of a 0.206 M Ba(OH)2 solution.

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